Wine Hardware Sonoma Blog April 2017

A Circular Wine Cellar Under The Stairs

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Welcome to the Spring version of the Wine Hardware of Sonoma Blog.

It looks like the rain and cold are finally in the rear view mirror.

Welcome as they were in California, it’s nice to welcome Spring and all it’s glory and that means getting outside and also the beginning of picnic time.

As well as wine accessories we have a fabulous line of cheese accessories too, that’ll make your picnic.go with a swing!

Check these out.

Epicureanist Electronic Cheese Grater


And mark your cheese selection with these……

For moving around and schmoozing you should have these……

And for topping your glass and use as a Tapas table….

And don’t forget to keep your wine and glasses off the ground…

and sit at your portable Bamboo wine table…..



Enjoy the weather out there and don’t forget……

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