Wine Hardware of Sonoma Blog June 2017

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So a week to go and it will be Father’s Day.

We’ve got some great gifts for that Dad in your life.

We know that sometimes we Dads want a change from our favorite vino so for that single malt scotch we enjoy, how about this…

Introducing Epicureanist’s Helix Whisky Glass, a glass that entertains you while enhancing the taste of your drink! Featuring a patent-pending base, the Helix Glass aerates your whiskey for you, unlocking the complex flavors and aromas of your favorite spirit. This is a must-have item for serious whiskey connoisseurs.

And keep it cool with these….


Cool your favorite beverage with a set of Stainless Ice Cubes from Epicureanist. Simply place the cubes in your freezer and when ready to use add them to your drink for instant chilling. Constructed from food-safe stainless steel, these durable cubes will keep your beverage ice-cold without diluting or altering the taste. Enjoy!

You can even take some with you on that golf day or hike….

The Epicureanist cork flask can hold up to 6oz. of your favorite drink. Whether that be whiskey, tequila, or even soda, the stainless steel interior allows for an easy clean. Designed with a cork exterior, this flask accentuates elegance.

If whisky is not your thing, how about a refreshing cocktail in these beauties…….

or these…

The Copper will keep your drinks colder, longer.

If your Dad enjoys a cigar from time to time, make sure they stay fresh without drying out, in these humidors…..

The Cigar Mate 450 Cigar Desktop Humidor is the ultimate desktop cigar storage solution. Crafted from fine African Bubinga with a rich cherry finish, this humidor is as visually stunning as it is sturdy and reliable. The interior of this humidor is lined with Spanish cedar and comes equipped with 2 cedar trays capable of holding up to 450 cigars. The Cigar Mate 450 Cigar Desktop Humidor includes 4 humidifiers and 1 hygrometer to ensure that your cigars are being properly stored at all times. This humidor is a must for any cigar aficionado!


The Cigar Mate 150 Desktop Humidor is the perfect way for any cigar aficionado to store and display the most prized cigars in their collection. The stunning rosewood finish along with a Spanish cedar interior make this humidor a perfect blend of aesthetics and function. This humidor comes equipped with 1 humidifier and 1 hygrometer to ensure that your cigars are ready to enjoy!
If it’s wine or nothing, how about giving him this fin looking Vintage Corkscrew to open it with….
This Epicureanist Vintage Corkscrew has a beautiful vineyard design with grape clusters and a barrel base. It is a sturdy elegant winged corkscrew that makes opening a bottle of wine enjoyable.
and if you want to keep a little for the next day, close it up with this Gearshift stopper….
Whatever you do, make your Dad feel special on his day and don’t forget
“In wine, there’s truth.”
Pliny the Elder, Natural History

Wine Hardware Sonoma Blog May 2017

Now that we can look forward to the Summer weather, we need to look after our precious collection of fine wine. If it’s 3 Buck Chuck or 100 buck Cabernet or Bordeaux, it’s all fine, and it  needs to be protected from turning to soupy vinegar.

A wine cabinet does not need to be huge. You may have a small but valuable collection of bottles which you want to mature or age before drinking at their peak. These small but powerful units would suite you well.

If you have an under counter option for putting your wine storage, these handsome devils  would work nicely.

If you have more space in your kitchen or elsewhere you may want to put a full size wine refrigerator where you can access your wine, and have an expanded capacity. Don’t forget, if you have the space. it’s worth exceeding the capacity you think you want so you don’t fill your wine refrigerator up too soon and you have room to grow your collection. I usually think of a number, then double it !!


If you now want a much larger capacity but don’t have the space inside your house, you could look at an economy line wooden cabinet with extra insulation and boost the cooling power in case your ambient temperature is higher than 30 degrees


Then when you move into that home you want to say in and do some entertaining in your Great room, try these…

Or a beautiful Credenza style piece that will give you counter space as well…

And then when the kids are grown and you convert their bedrooms so they can’t move back in….

Happy Memorial Day!!

Pliny the Elder

“In wine, there’s truth.”
Pliny the Elder,



Wine Hardware Sonoma Blog April 2017

A Circular Wine Cellar Under The Stairs

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Welcome to the Spring version of the Wine Hardware of Sonoma Blog.

It looks like the rain and cold are finally in the rear view mirror.

Welcome as they were in California, it’s nice to welcome Spring and all it’s glory and that means getting outside and also the beginning of picnic time.

As well as wine accessories we have a fabulous line of cheese accessories too, that’ll make your picnic.go with a swing!

Check these out.

Epicureanist Electronic Cheese Grater


And mark your cheese selection with these……

For moving around and schmoozing you should have these……

And for topping your glass and use as a Tapas table….

And don’t forget to keep your wine and glasses off the ground…

and sit at your portable Bamboo wine table…..



Enjoy the weather out there and don’t forget……

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Laguiole Corkscrews

An addition to our February blog:

We just got in these beautiful Artisan corkscrews from Laguiole in the heart of France.

Come in and take a look. Craftsmanship does not get better than this.

Village de Laguiole

Just around a bend lies a village: Laguiole, proudly built around the church of Saint-Matthieu. In just a few hundred yards, your car journey takes you from the green and blue of the Aubrac plateau – scattered with brown dots that are the cows of the same name – to a lively village center where several shops sell gastronomic products made in the Aubrac region. These include the famous Laguiole knives and the Forge de Laguiole workshop, where both the shop and the manufacturing facility can be visited for free all year round.

taureau de Laguiole en AubracFrom this oasis you can discover treasures such as the hospice, or the fresco in the chapel near the cattle market where you can admire the impressive Laguiole Bull. In winter, when the plateau is draped in white, the Laguiole-Bouyssou ski resort offers 14 runs equipped with 11 ski lifts. If you like cross-country skiing there are 50 km of paths, as well as a place for sledding and a track for hiking with snowshoes.

February 2017


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Welcome to the latest Wine Hardware of Sonoma Blog.

It’s been very wet on Sonoma plaza for the last few weeks but the sun is out and everything is drying out now, just in time for Valentines Day next Tuesday.

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We have great gifts for your significant other throughout the store whether you want to surprise them with a wine cabinet or a unique corkscrew.

We are offering free shipping on wine refrigerators up to 199 bottle capacity like this beauty.

You can also pick up either of these at the store directly

For the book lover, we have an extended library of wine and cookbooks including this must have.

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This is a great gift for the spirits drinker. The Helix Whiskey Glass.

It aerates your favorite liquor or spirit by spinning on it’s own conical base, unlocking all the delicious aromas before you sip!

And finally, this antique style Epicureanist Kings Corkscrew will grab everyone’s attention.

See you at the store soon, it’s going to be a beautiful weekend.

Pliny the Elder

“In wine, there’s truth.”
Pliny the Elder, Natural History