Laguiole Corkscrews

An addition to our February blog:

We just got in these beautiful Artisan corkscrews from Laguiole in the heart of France.

Come in and take a look. Craftsmanship does not get better than this.

Village de Laguiole

Just around a bend lies a village: Laguiole, proudly built around the church of Saint-Matthieu. In just a few hundred yards, your car journey takes you from the green and blue of the Aubrac plateau – scattered with brown dots that are the cows of the same name – to a lively village center where several shops sell gastronomic products made in the Aubrac region. These include the famous Laguiole knives and the Forge de Laguiole workshop, where both the shop and the manufacturing facility can be visited for free all year round.

taureau de Laguiole en AubracFrom this oasis you can discover treasures such as the hospice, or the fresco in the chapel near the cattle market where you can admire the impressive Laguiole Bull. In winter, when the plateau is draped in white, the Laguiole-Bouyssou ski resort offers 14 runs equipped with 11 ski lifts. If you like cross-country skiing there are 50 km of paths, as well as a place for sledding and a track for hiking with snowshoes.

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