Wine Hardware Sonoma Blog May 2017

Now that we can look forward to the Summer weather, we need to look after our precious collection of fine wine. If it’s 3 Buck Chuck or 100 buck Cabernet or Bordeaux, it’s all fine, and it  needs to be protected from turning to soupy vinegar.

A wine cabinet does not need to be huge. You may have a small but valuable collection of bottles which you want to mature or age before drinking at their peak. These small but powerful units would suite you well.

If you have an under counter option for putting your wine storage, these handsome devils  would work nicely.

If you have more space in your kitchen or elsewhere you may want to put a full size wine refrigerator where you can access your wine, and have an expanded capacity. Don’t forget, if you have the space. it’s worth exceeding the capacity you think you want so you don’t fill your wine refrigerator up too soon and you have room to grow your collection. I usually think of a number, then double it !!


If you now want a much larger capacity but don’t have the space inside your house, you could look at an economy line wooden cabinet with extra insulation and boost the cooling power in case your ambient temperature is higher than 30 degrees


Then when you move into that home you want to say in and do some entertaining in your Great room, try these…

Or a beautiful Credenza style piece that will give you counter space as well…

And then when the kids are grown and you convert their bedrooms so they can’t move back in….

Happy Memorial Day!!

Pliny the Elder

“In wine, there’s truth.”
Pliny the Elder,



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